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    • When will we receive our travel documents?

      To start your holiday stress-free, we're providing you with all the important information about your property a couple of weeks before your departure. Therefore, please check your inbox for an email from us, which will contain all the facts you need. 

      The email will contain information such as the directions, the exact villa address, as well as detailed instructions about how you'll be able to access the property. We'll even share with you the Wifi-code, so that you can get in touch with family and friends back home, as soon as you arrive at the property.

      Please get in touch if you are a few days prior to your departure date, but haven't received the email yet. We're happy to help you out.

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    • How do I add my passport details to my booking?

      Before you travel, we need to collect the passport information for everyone staying in the villa during your holiday. It’s just like when you arrive at a hotel and they take a copy of your passport, our owners need this information for licensing purposes.

      Luckily, we’ve made adding this information quick and easy. All you need to do is login to manage my booking, and complete the 'travellers form' at the top of the page. 

      *If you have trouble logging in, click here 


      Once you're in 'manage my booking' follow the steps below:


      Step 1. Click the 'Add' button next to each passenger's name, as shown in the example below:



      Step 2. From there, you will see a screen like the below. All you need to do is insert the passport information as it appears on your or your guests passport. 



      Step 3. Click submit, and repeat the same steps for everyone in your booking. 

      If there are passengers travelling with you who do not appear on the 'travellers form' please complete the passport information for those who are on the booking. Then let us know of additional passengers you wish to add, and we can add their names so you can add their details too. 


      *Please note, if you have booked car hire with us, you will also need to provide your 'own flight details' which lets us know when you'll be arriving in resort so the team can make sure your hire car is ready on time. 


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    • How to add flights details to a booking

      If you've booked car hire with us, it's important we know when you're arriving in resort so we can make sure the hire car is ready on time, and there are no delays. 


      To add flight details to your booking just login to 'manage my booking' and you can do this quickly and easily.

      *If you're having trouble logging in, click here.


      Step 1. Once you're logged in, scroll down to the 'flights' section as seen below and click 'add flight details'



      Step 2. Complete the flight details form as shown below 

      • Add your outbound flight number including the airline code e.g. JVH1234
      • You'll also need to add your departure airport and check that the dates of your flights are correct. (These will be automatically populated with the start and end date of your holiday, but you can change them.) 
      • Complete the same information for your arrival airport e.g. what time you arrive in resort.
      • And then the same information for your return (inbound) journey.


      Step 3. Click 'Add to passengers' and you're done.

      If you do need assistance adding flight details, just send us a message here  

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    • What travel insurance do I need?

      As soon as you make a booking, it is essential that you have adequate travel insurance in place.  Travel insurance not only protects you if something goes wrong when you’re away, it’s also there to protect you if something happens that means you can’t travel.  You therefore shouldn’t wait to make sure you have adequate cover in place.

      Whilst we don’t sell travel insurance, we can point you in the direction of Holiday Extras, which has a range of products that may suit your needs, including cover if your holiday plans are affected by Covid-19.  You can find details here.

      Remember, if you don’t take out adequate travel insurance, we will not be liable for any of your losses which would have been covered by a policy that would have provided you with cover for the circumstances.

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