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    Villa amenities & surroundings

    • What about data roaming charges?

      If you need to access information about your holiday whilst you're away, the majority of the features in our App are available to use without data connection. However, you may incur data roaming charges for some elements of the App - please check the terms of your tariff before use abroad. James Villa Holidays accepts no responsibility for data roaming charges incurred while using the App.

      WiFi is provided in the majority of villas. This is free to use so please take advantage of this if you need to access the internet whilst on holiday.

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    • How often will the villa be cleaned?


      We take the cleanliness of our villas very seriously and make sure that all of our villas meet our high standards. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are trying to limit the number of people who enter your villa and so will only be cleaning properties between each party's stay. 

      The villa will be cleaned thoroughly before you arrive and will be ready for you at 4pm on the start date of your holiday. If you are on holiday and require additional cleaning services, you can call our Holiday Helpline on the number displayed in your Travel Documents or you can send us a message here.


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    • Will a local representative visit me at the villa?

      We're no longer offering a 'rep' visit whilst you're on holiday, but not to worry, you're not on your own. We have a 24/7 Holiday Helpline available should you need it. You'll receive all the details of how to get in touch in your travel documents, sent 7 days before your holiday start date. 

      If you have any issues at all while you're on holiday, all you need to do is get in touch via the Holiday Helpline, or send us a message here and we will lend a hand so your holiday runs smoothly.

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    • Will anyone access my villa or apartment during my stay?

      A villa holiday is a private paradise and we like to keep it that way. None of our staff or suppliers will access your villa/apartment without your prior knowledge or consent. If you have a pool or garden at your villa, you may be visited by a maintenance person who will tend to the pool or garden, to help keep it in tip-top condition. 

      Please be aware that people who are not travelling with you are not permitted to stay or visit you at the property.

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    • From what time of the year is pool heating available?

      Generally, heated pools are only available when stated in the relevant villa description and will be at an additional cost unless otherwise stated.


      Villas with available pool heating:

      • Villas that are operating during the European winter months, this is from 1 Nov until 30 Apr.
      • Some exclusions/rental restrictions may apply in July/August.

      Most heated pools are electrically heated and may take up to 4 days to heat, but some are solar-heated and the temperature of the pool will therefore depend on the weather conditions.

      In certain cases a charge will be incurred for this facility which may be payable locally or on your booking invoice.

      With regard to our villas in Florida, if you require a property with a private pool that can be heated (subject to availability) please inform us at the time of booking. For more information please see the Essential Information on our website.

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    • Does a villa come with a cleaning service?

      Cleaning services varies at each individual property and can consist of preparation only with linen and towels as a minimum, to five days per week with daily towel change and weekly linen change. Some properties may charge for cleaning locally in resort, this will be specified within the property description. For more information please see the Essential Information on our website

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    • Are hairdryers provided?

      No, you will need to take your own, unless otherwise stated in the property description.

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    • If satellite TV is provided in the accommodation, which channels can I expect to receive?

      We cannot control what TV channels will be available at your villa. Most likely, you'll be able to access local satellite in the country that you are visiting. Sometimes a limited amount of English speaking channels are available, but please do not expect the usual satellite channels you receive at home. For more information please see the Essential Information on our website.

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